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$ 0 / mo

Groups with under 50 active members/volunteers

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  • Save time by automating event invitations and confirmations

  • Schedule events around volunteer availability with a heatmap that tells you who is free and when

  • Google Calendar integration

  • Attendance tracking via sign-in sheet

  • Basic onboarding and training


$ 50 25 / mo

Up to 250 active members/volunteers

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    Everything in free, plus:

  • Customizable text and email invitations

  • 7 day a week customer service

  • Training and support: we'll help you make sure you're using our platform to its fullest


Custom Pricing

Contact us to create a plan that is tailored to your organization's needs

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    Everything in team, plus:

  • Branded organization page and event invitations

  • Prioritization of new features: we’ll focus our product roadmap on what you need

  • Advanced training and logistical support: we'll personally help you organize your volunteers